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Welcome to the Archive. Note that this is in alphabetical order, however you can use the search facility below to find particular interviews. This has only just been created so check back every day as we will be adding new shows regularly.

Latest Shows

Ana Isabel

(Mind Matters)

Cas Lake

(Unexplained Show)


(My Spirit Music)

Cas Lake

(Mystical Worlds)

Alexandra Wenman

(Prediction Show)


(Enlightened World)

Ana Isabel

(Lightways )


(Twisted Willow Show)

Kim Arnold

(Psychic Cafe Coffee Break)


Gabriella Songbird (Musician )

Gabrielle Chavez (Raw Food)

Galit Mersand (Belly Dancer)

Gary Knowles (Chef)

Gary Renard (Spiritual Teacher)

Gavin Menzies (Historian)

Gaynor Thompson (Angel Expert)

Geeta Sidhu-Robb (NOSH)

Geoff Dalglish (Author)

Geoff Napier (Cygnus Review)

Georgia Foster (Hypnotherapist )

Georgia Twynham (Author)

Georgina Cannon (Hypnotherapist)

Georgina Sirett-Armstrong-Smith ( Priestess of Avalon)

Gervase Phinn (Teacher)

Gill Farrer-Halls (Aromatherapist)

Gill Hale (Feng Shui)

Ginger Gilmour (Sculpture)

Glenn Poveromo (Author)

Glennyce Eckersley (Authors)

Gloria Moss

Gloria Wallace (Therapist)

Glynis Stevens

Gordon Smith (Medium)

Grace Bowman (Anorexia)

Graham Nicholls (Author)

Gregg Korbon (Author)

Gwen Cooper (Author)


H. Constance Hill (Author)

Hamish Miller (Dowser)

Hank Fieger (Executive Coach)

Hanna (Tantra UK)

Harmonia Saille (Author)

Harville Hendrix

Hazel Courteney (Therapist )

Hazel Lee (Psychic)

Heather Andrew Dobbs (Teacher)

Heather Mason (Yoga)

Heather Stirling (Angels)

Heena Johnson (Massage Therapist)

Heike Humphries (Tribal Dancer)

Helen (Penny Brohn Cancer Care)

Helen Elizabeth Evans (Fingerprints)

Helen Ford (Holistic Doctor)

Helen Glavin (singer, pianist, composer)

Helen Lederer (Comedianne )

Helen Roberts (Sacred Dance)

Helen Savill (Reflexology)

Henry Cumming (Clairvoyant)

Hilary Carter (Author)

Hilary Jamron

Hilary Jones (Doctor)

Horace Dobbs (Dolphins)

Horacio Cifuentes (Dancer)

Howard Jones (Author)

Hugo House (Green Energy)


Iain Lee (Presenter)

Ian Freer (Author)

Ian Lawman (Medium)

Ian West (Author)

Ian White (healer )

Ian Wilson

Immaculee Ilibagiza (Spiritual Teacher)

Ingrid Bacci (Healer)

Iona Sellars (Dancer)