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Welcome to the Archive. Note that this is in alphabetical order, however you can use the search facility below to find particular interviews. This has only just been created so check back every day as we will be adding new shows regularly.

Latest Shows

Ana Isabel

(Mind Matters)

Cas Lake

(Unexplained Show)


(My Spirit Music)

Cas Lake

(Mystical Worlds)

Alexandra Wenman

(Prediction Show)


(Enlightened World)

Ana Isabel

(Lightways )


(Twisted Willow Show)

Kim Arnold

(Psychic Cafe Coffee Break)


Maayan Aviram (Belly Dancer)

Mac Macartney (Founder of Embercombe)

Madeleine Walker (Animal Healer)

Maggie Howell (Natal Hypnotherapist)

Maggy Whitehouse (Author)

Mahara Brenna (Holistic Therapist)

Malcolm Godfrey (Ghosts)

Malcolm Hollick (Writer)

Malcolm Lewis (Life Coach)

Malcolm Robinson (UFO)

Malcolm Stern (Author)

Mandy Masters (Medium)

Manjir Samanta-Laughton (Doctor)

Marc Alexander (Druid)

Marcio Amaral (Author)

Marcos Viliotti (Polarity Therapist)

Marcus Allen (Editor)

Margrit Coates (Animal Healer)

Maria Moloney (Author)

Marie Bruce (author)

Marilyn Glenville (Nutritionalist)

Marilyn Strong (Goddess Teacher)

Mark Atkinson (Doctor)

Mark Bennett (Spiritual Teacher)

Mark Lester (Nutritionalist)

Mark Macy (Ghosts)

Mark Mcelroy (tarot)

Mark Pritchard (Dreams)

Mark Townsend (Priest)

Marlise Karlin (Author)

Marneta Viegas (Yoga)

Martha Thompson (Author)

Martin Gansten (Astrologer)

Martin Grey (Photographer)

Martin Simpson (Sales Manager - Fishermans Friend)

Mary Clegg (counsellor)

Mary English (astrologer)

Mary Lambert (Feng Shui)

Mary Neasham (pagan)

Mary Pollard (Psychic)

Matt Kahn (Spiritual Teacher)

Matteo Pistono (Author)

Matthew Waterhouse (Actor and Writer)

Max Beesley (Actor)

Max Kirsten (Hypnotherapist)

Medwyn Goodall (Musician)

Mel Campbell (Author)

Melanie Reinhart (Astrologer)

Menna Van Praag (Writer)

Meri Wallace (parenting)

Mermandi Gabler (Angel Expert)

Mia Serra (Belly Dancer)

Michael Cohen (Bio-energy medicine)

Michael Hampson (Writer)

Michael James (Attraction)

Michael Jascz (Relationship Coach)

Michael Meacher (Politician)

Michael Neill (Life Coach)

Michael Roads

Michele Knight (Astrologer)

Michelle Germain (spiritual teacher)

Mike George (Meditation)

Mike Oram (Author)

Mike Powell (Clairaudient)

Miriam Knight

Miriam Sabriana

Musraf Ali (Doctor)

Myrna Lamb (Astrologer)


Naava Carmen (Acupuncturist)

Nanci Trivellato (Hypnosis)

Nancy Deville (Author)

Natalie Fee (Feng Shui)

Neil Crofts (Authenticity)

Neil Long

Neil Somerville (Chinese Astrology)

Nic Askew (Film Maker)

Nicholas Briggs (Actor and Writer)

Nicholas Campion (Astrologer)

Nicholas Parsons (Actor, Radio and TV presenter)

Nick Ashron (Musician)

Nick Blodeuwedd (Psychic)

Nick Kollerstrom (Crop Circles)

Nick Pope (UFO Expert)

Nick Taussig (Writer)

Nick Williams

Nicola Brian (Addiction)

Nicola Harwood (Medium)

Nicola Jayne (Author)

Nicola Phoenix (Author)

Nicole Davis (Presenter)

Niel Wootten (Gut Doctor)

Nigel Watson

Nikki Bradford

Nikki Mckay (Author)

Niravi Payne (Fertility Expert)

Noelle Nelson (Psychologist)

Noelle Noli

Nourhan Sharif (Belly Dancer)


Oliver Hulme (Journalist)

Olivia (Astrologer )

Olivia Hart Hughes (Abundance)

Omashar (Musician)

Orit Maftsir (Belly Dancer)

Oscar Hofman (Medical Astrologer)