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Welcome to the Archive. Note that this is in alphabetical order, however you can use the search facility below to find particular interviews. This has only just been created so check back every day as we will be adding new shows regularly.

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Ana Isabel

(Mind Matters)

Cas Lake

(Unexplained Show)


(My Spirit Music)

Cas Lake

(Mystical Worlds)

Alexandra Wenman

(Prediction Show)


(Enlightened World)

Ana Isabel

(Lightways )


(Twisted Willow Show)

Kim Arnold

(Psychic Cafe Coffee Break)


Pala Copeland (Tantra Teacher)

Pam Spurr (Psychologist)

Pamala J McQuade (Spirit Coach)

Pascoe Sawyers

Pat Hicks

Pat Love (Author)

Patricia Love (Professor)

Patricia Walker (Author)

Patrick Bryson (Enlighten Next)

Patrick Holford (Nutrition Expert)

Patti Conklin (Author)

Paul Darby (Feng Shui Expert)

Paul Devereux (Author)

Paul Fitzgerald (Neuro scientist)

Paul H Smith (Author)

Paul Harbridge

Paul Hougham (Acupuncture)

Paul Hughes-Barlow (Tarot)

Paul Lenda (Author)

Paul Newman (Author)

Paul Nison (Raw Food)

Paul Westran (Astrologer)

Paula Muran (Author)

Penny Davey (Kinesiologist)

Penny Sartori (Author)

Pepper Alexandria (Belly Dancer)

Pete Cohen (psychologist)

Peter Field (Author)

Peter Rodger (Film Director)

Peter York (Writer)

Phil Butler (Comedian)

Philip Mantle (UFO Expert)

Philip Weeks (Therapist )

Phillipa Bowers (Artist)

Philypa Dinnen (therapist)

Phoebe Wyss

Pilar Godino (Author)

Pippa Greenwood (Gardener)

Poppy Palin (Author)


Quintin Smith (Medium)


Rachel Brice (Belly Dancer)

Rachel Patterson (High Priestess)

Rachel Pollack (Tarot Consultant)

Rachel Underhill

Raheesha (Belly Dancer)

Randine Lewis (Doctor)

Randolph Rogers (Author)

Rasha (Author)

Rashmi Khilnani (Author)

Raven Kaldera (Author)

Ray Brown (Author)

Raymond Francis (Therapist)

Reginald Lenney (Holistic Coach)

Reina James (Author)

Renee Jasper (Astrologer)

Renna Shesso (Author)

Riccardo Minetti (Publisher)

Richard Ashworth (Feng Shui)

Richard Gill (NLP)

Richard Lawrence (Author)

Richard Lennie (UFO Hunter)

Richard Moat (Author)

Richard Scheinberg (Psychotherapist)

Rico Paganini (Author)

Rima Morell (Anthropologist)

Rita Hraiz (Astrological Life Coach)

Robert Davis (Author)

Robert Goodman

Robert John Langdon (Author)

Robert Mullen (Writer)

Robert Weston (Writer)

Robin Robinson (PR & Media Consultant)

Rod Francis (Human Potential Coach)

Rogier Van Vlissingen (Spiritual Teacher)

Ronald Alexander (Healer)

Ronald Hutton (Historian)

Ronnie Buckingham (Medium)

Ronnie Hudson (medium)

Ros Draper (Therapist)

Rosa Smith (Reiki Healer)

Rose Rosetree (healer)

Rosemary Smith (dancer)

Ross Bartlett (Medium)

Roy Gillett (Astrologer)

Roz Savage (Author)