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Welcome to the Archive. Note that this is in alphabetical order, however you can use the search facility below to find particular interviews. This has only just been created so check back every day as we will be adding new shows regularly.

Latest Shows

Ana Isabel

(Mind Matters)

Cas Lake

(Unexplained Show)


(My Spirit Music)

Cas Lake

(Mystical Worlds)

Alexandra Wenman

(Prediction Show)


(Enlightened World)

Ana Isabel

(Lightways )


(Twisted Willow Show)

Kim Arnold

(Psychic Cafe Coffee Break)


Val Bullen (lecturer)

Val Hood (Medium)

Valarie Chilton-Smith (Life Coach)

Vanessa Turner (Hypnotherapist )

Vashti (Belly Dancer)

Velma Gallent (Celebrity)

Vera Peiffer (happiness)

Verve Vegan Reynolds (Shamanistic Massage)

Vesna Milinkovic (Pineal Toning)

Vicky Edwards (Life Coach)

Vicky Sweetlove (Healer)

Victoria Sheridan (Life Coach)

Victoria Stillwell (Dog Trainer)

Vidyamala Burch (Pain Management Consultant)


Wagner Alegretti (Out of Body)

Wanda Sellar (astrologer)

Warren Bellows (Acupuncture)

Weishe Song (Chinese Medicine)

Wendy Denning (Doctor)

Wendy Jackson (Homoeopath)

Wendy Stirling (Cosmetics)

William Bloom (Holistic Therapist)

William Downie (Author)

William Roache (Actor)

William Tiller (Doctor)

William Whitecloud (Author)


Xiaolan Zhao (Doctor)