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Anna Franklin

Anna Franklin trained initially as a photographer and artist, gaining an honours degree in fine art in 1980, then working as a photographer, illustrator and community artist, exhibiting and teaching both subjects. She also edits and publishers her own magazine, called Silver Wheel, and is author of nearly a dozen books, including Fairy Lore (Capall Bann) and The Fairy Ring (Llewellyn). She lives in a village in the English Midlands. Paul Mason is a talented British artist based in Leicester who has often worked with the author in the past. Like Anna, he trained at the Lanchester Polytechnic in fine art, and then worked as a zoo artist, and later as senior graphic designer at De Montfort University. Helen Field is a London-born artist who now lives on the Channel Islands. She has drawn since early childhood and is particularly attracted to mythological and magical subjects. She has illustrated several books.


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