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Barbara Wren

Barbara's first contact with the medical profession was as a student nurse at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, at the age of 18. During this time she developed Anorexia Nervosa which continued to be a problem for many years. After nursing, Barbara worked at University College Hospital, London, with thyroid cancer patients. The next ten years were spent having a family of 4 children. It was after the birth of the 4th child that Barbara developed M.E./M.S. symptoms and became almost dysfunctional. The medical profession had no answers for these problems and so she started to take full responsibility for curing herself. In order to do this she read a great deal of conventional literature from which she was able to extrapolate and create her own philosophy around healing.


Topic: Wellbeing for Women Part 1 Barbara Wren

Wellbeing for Women Part 1 Barbara Wren