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Anthony Adams

Anthony has always wanted to pursue a career in music. However, despite some small successes, his full-time job remains that of delivery driver. Two years ago he booked a recording studio near his home in Poole to record some Sinatra tracks, and set up a band called ‘Simply Sinatra’ in the process. Anthony’s first performance was for his local church, to raise money for the repair of its roof and now, ‘Simply Sinatra’ perform twice a month around the UK. However, it was his day job that helped land him this opportunity of a lifetime as it was one of his customers, a café owner, who told him about the show and persuaded him to audition! His family are shocked that he has got this far, as Anthony admits he doesn’t really sing at home. When asked what he would have done if he had met the legendary Sinatra, Anthony replies, ‘I would pay homage’, and makes a worshipping motion. ‘I believe he was a very generous man’. However, more than anything, Anthony says he ‘would like to have been on stage performing with him.’ Anthony lives in Poole, Dorset with his wife, two children and dog, Florie, who barks along to the music when he sings! Anthony’s favourite Sinatra song is Three Coins in the Fountain. (BBC The One and Only)


Topic: Sex in the Stars Part 3 Anthony Adams

Sex in the Stars Part 3 Anthony Adams