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Barbara Cartland

Dame (Mary) Barbara Hamilton Cartland, DBE, CStJ (9 July 1901 21 May 2000), was an English author, one of the most prolific authors of the 20th century. As Barbara Cartland she is known for her numerous romantic novels, but she also wrote under her married name Barbara McCorquodale. She also became one of London's most prominent society figures and one of Britain's most popular media personalities, appearing often at public events and on television, dressed in her trademark pink and discoursing on love, health, and social and political issues. Barbara Cartland is the sixth most translated writer worldwide and the third best selling after William Shakepeare and Agatha Christie.


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First off is an Interview with Novalists Barbara Cartland’s son. After a year as a gossip columnist for the Daily Express, Cartland published her first novel, Jigsaw (1923), a risqué society thriller that became a bestseller. She also began writing and producing somewhat racy plays, one of which, Blood Money (1926), was banned by the Lord Chamberlain's Office. In the 1920s and 1930s Cartland was a prominent young hostess in London society, noted for her beauty, energetic charm and daring parties. In 1983 Cartland wrote 23 novels, and holds the Guiness World Record for the most novels written in a single year.