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My Spirit Book

An Unholy Redemption - Andrew Keener


The story starts with a war raging in the heavens above, a coming together of good and evil to establish a rule and supremacy on earth and over its inhabitants - who will win?

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I know it may seem like a cliché but from an early age I feel my life has been guided in some form or another by a invisible hand, even though it started of very difficult and emotional I soon learned to grow up very quickly. Before long I had left school and began working in a spiritualist college dedicated to the advancement of psychic science. The philosophy of such a place played an inspirational role in shaping the way I think and act. I became very much a believer in survival after death and the influence loved ones have on us from “the other side” in our every day life. This is the main reason why I wrote this book as I feel I am being inspired to do so. In essence I feel blessed to have had a difficult start to my life and I am now grateful for the love that is around me and I would not change the relationship I have with this world and the unseen world.

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