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Gardening Lunar Lore 2014 - Peter West


Gardening, farming and astrology have been linked for hundreds of years even modern experts agree on that. And, no matter what your standing may be, just look at how you seem to unconsciously know how, when and where to sow, plant and harvest your produce. You are aware of the four seasons, but do you realise how paying attention to the days and months will help increase and improve your planting?

This book combines ordinary gardening methods with common sense astrology to help you to improve your gardening. Cast aside any preconceptions and follow the ideas presented here.

You need no astrological knowledge all the calculations have been made for you. In fact, you needn’t be a very good gardener either because all the details you need are within these pages. The results will speak for themselves.


Peter West has written nearly thirty books and has been a professional astrologer for nearly sixty years, thirty-five of them as Prediction magazine’s leading technical expert and columnist. Over the years he has written a vast array of articles. At home he practises what he preaches and frequently experiments to find the best times to sow, plant and harvest. He is more than ably assisted by his wife’s gardening abilities and technical expertise.

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