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Sugar Daddy Diaries by Helen Croydon


Title; Sugar Daddy Diaries
Author: Helen Croydon 
Publisher; Mainstream Publishing 
Paperback 319 pages
Price £7.99
Published : 2011
ISBN 978-1-84596-766-6 

A frank, fun and teasing insight into the authors refreshingly honest self assessment that what she needed in her modern, career sated life was the charm and sexuality of older men; Sugar Daddies.

Similar to Secret Diaries of a Call Girl yet with the added possibility that with no money changing hands and dating powers shared, any of us modern women could  be drawn to eth allure of older , established men. Set in London  but New York and other destinations do feature,  this is a little glimpse into what financially secure women may be seeking as alternatives to monogamy and boredom, but be warned, there are some pit falls as, not every frog turns into a prince no matter how old he is      


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