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People Who Don’t Know They’re Dead by Gary Leon Hill


Title; People Who Don’t Know They’re Dead
Authors: Gary Leon Hill  
Publisher; Weiser Books    
Paperback 184 pages
Price $16.95
Published: 2005
ISBN 1-57863-297-8  

Studying the evidence that  spirits, ghosts, call them what you will, are often confused, angry and often trapped between worlds. This book really confronts the, often rejected facts, that the problems, temperament and issues they one dies with don’t simply  evaporate because they’re dead.

Dr Carl Wickland’s account of how his autopsy on a dead druggie led to him being fronted by the spirit of that youth when he got home, who as angry and confused as to why he was “being cut onto” {autopsy}. The “piggy backing” of different spirits, confused by being taken away from the earth plane, turning anger and need into an obsession with the physical matter, the earthly world they no longer belong to is fascinating and yet strangely logical; it makes 100% sense that this would be the case.

 It’s a new depth to what is, to me totally logical yet Hill writes in a manner that allows you to take the journey with him, never lecturing or condescending, just presenting peoples stories, whether those who help them transcend, those who are trapped or those caught in the cross fires.         

An astonishingly fascinating, enthralling and engaging book, totally un-putdown able.  


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