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We’ve Never Been Alone by Paul Von Ward


Title; We’ve Never Been Alone  
Author: Paul Von Ward  
Publisher; Hampton Road Books   
Paperback 415 pages
Price $19.95
Published: 2004
ISBN 978-1- 57174- 666- 5  

Such a relevant a topical book based on the juxtaposition humans who believe we know it all and those of us who believe that we’re being guided, helped or re-introduced to things but higher beings . We all have names for that higher self: our instinct, guardian angels, inner voice, aliens  . . . .  I just throw that last one in as most reading this, will not usually associate the white lighted angelic realms with aliens; they’re always depicted as green, slimy enemies only out to dominate our fair, peaceful and righteous planet  . . . !!  

This thought provoking book left me asking more questions as a result of reading it  . . . which is probably exactly what the author intended. I’d recommend this for all ages and because it’s easy to read though draws upon no only science and sci-fi but also ancient texts mythology and legends all of which point to us not being, or having ever been alone, bridging the gap between divinity and super natural, being maybe one and the same, and showing how the religious and governmental establishments have consistently silenced or ignored the facts of contact and higher “unexplained” entities.

Fascinating read, for sci- fi, theology or philosophy fans in fact anyone with an interested in  knowing and thinking outside of the box.


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