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Blood Song by Cat Adams


Title; Blood Song  
Authors: Cat Adams
Publisher; Tor Books    
Paperback 364 pages
Price – non given
Published: 2010
ISBN 978-0-7653-2494-8

In the light of the Buffy, Angel and Twilight franchises, the heroine , Hollywood bodyguard Celia Graves is not having a great time:  she’s been  framed for  murder, which all but one cop  believes she’s guilty of, she’s being hunted by  a “master” and to cap it all she’s neither fully mortal nor fully vampire. All is not totally lost though, as help is abound in the form of a powerful mage, his warrior priest brother and an elderly clairvoyant (always useful in times of trouble)

Always well written, descriptive and detailed enough to make the reader feel that they’re there amongst the action, Adams has the power to draw readers into the plot, the characters and the spirit of the theme with ease and aplomb     


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