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Promised Land by Anthony Clavane


ISBN 9780224082648 published by Yellow Jersey Press

This is a spiritual exploration of the Jewish life in Leeds and the ups and downs of the City and Leeds United. It is a social history as much as it is a footballing history. It’s an anthropological story as much as it is a fan story.  It’s a political history  as much as it is a sport history.

This book can perhaps be compared with The Dammed United, but where that book concentrated on the two protagonists of Clough and Revie , over a relatively short time, this book takes the broad sweep right up the recent 2011 championship era. But this is not just about the team what you get is also a feel that the however Leeds have performed highs and lows have been matched by the fortunes of Leeds the city.

This is more than a football book, in fact you don’t have to be a Leeds supporter to like it though that helps; this is a book that gives a spiritual insight  

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