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Belching out the Devil by Mark Thomas


ISBN 9780091922931 published by Ebury

This is a story of corporate greed and corporate negligence. Mark Thomas goes in search of the atrocities performed in the name of Coca-Cola. The issue is not with whether Coca Cola is good for you but on how corporates run their business. In this case its more about how by sub-contracting out operations often seems to allow corporate companies to absolve itself of looking at the roles. In this case that seems to include murder and child labourers in South America and water shortages in parts of India.  Although as a company Coca Cola may not have been involved directly,  the money that the operations can produce seem to allow for some very shady activity.  Large corporations have a responsibility that anything even remotely connected to them is undertaken to the highest standards and it is important that there are engaging reporters around that can help bring companies to account for their actions.

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