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Glimpses of Eternity by Raymond Moody


Title- Glimpses of Eternity- An Investigation into Shared Death Experiences.
Author- Raymond Moody
Publisher- Rider
Retail Price- £10.99

Raymond moody is the leading authority on near death experiences; and he proves once again he’s at the top of his field with this fabulous book about the investigation into shared death experiences. Raymond gives his research and views on the subject honestly, and with sensitivity.
Raymond’s book challenges the views of sceptics with a huge amount of information from healthy people who experienced a shared death experience with the loss of a loved one, Raymond also states his own personal experience of the passing of his mother.
After reading this book you may have questions such as, how does this happen and why? Can the experiences in this book go towards proof that there really might be life after death? Or if you have had an experience maybe it will help you realise that you’re not alone.
Raymond also gives us cases of what some may call life reviews, he discusses fabric theory, a portal, mirror neurons and much more; he also gives information on the dying brain hypothesis. In 1975 the world became more aware of near death experiences and now Raymond brings to light shared death experiences, the evidence Raymond presents is intriguing and I highly recommend this book.

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