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Runecasters Handbook by Edred Thorsson


Title- Runecasters Handbook

Author- Edred Thorsson

Publisher- Weiserbooks

Do you want to read the runes? Have you ever wondered what each rune means? Or maybe you just want an in-depth handbook, if so then this book maybe for you, it’s packed full of information for novices and adepts.

In this handbook expert Edred Thorsson takes you on a mystical journey from history to Rune casting. Here you’ll learn that rune casting was believed to be for direct communication between mortals and divinities of the many realities. Yes, this book explains about the runes being a writing system on a mundane and cosmic level where messages were sent from one world to another. You will be shown not only the meaning of each of the staves, but their phonetic value, numerology, Germanic name and much more.

The Runecasters Handbook explains about putting your own energy into your runes, making your own runes, it even mentions runic cards and how to charge your very own runes. It’s a wonderful book, in-depth, and very useful.

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