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Marathon Sex - Sonia Borg


Title; Marathon Sex

Author; Sonia Borg

Publisher ; Quiver Books

2012 Large paperback

ISBN 978 1 59233 481 0


Sonia Borg is a good authority on sex and sexual pleasure as all her previous books exude. With tasteful non graphic photos, Top Tips whenever necessary (sometimes one per page) combining sex with other activities (using a swiss ball to work the glutes) this is a good kick start manual.

With chapters like Sexalicious (cooking and eating), Going(& Coming) Out on the Town, and Karma Sutra Night there will be something for everyone. Diagrams at the back on male and female anatomy and the language throughout is anatomically accurate yet as she uses familiar names after the anatomical terms its easy to keep up. It is somewhat wordy at times but if you get through that you'll learn a lot .....and you partner will adore you for it !

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