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The 12 Minute Sex Solution - Robin Westen


Title; The 12 Minute Sex Solution
Author; Robin Westen
Publisher ; Quiver Books
Large paperback
ISBN 978 1 59233493 3

Colourful (lots of bright yellow & cerise) fun book with cheeky chapters like Chore-Play and even cheekier titles like Spin Cycle Sex, Unloading More than the Dishes and my personal favourite, Cupcake Cooling Cunnilingus....

So if you'd like any excuse to ravage your partner at home, outside or just about anywhere for a snatched moment this will be ideal for giving you 75 different suggestions.

Well photographed (tasteful soft porn images nothing graphic or offensive) modern sex manual with step by step guidance (numbered for those like to plan ahead) this is a really accessible and easy to use book. There is a good  sense of fun and a tongue-in-cheek attitude so it doesn't take itself too seriously which I thought was a great strength of this book. It invites and informs but doesn't bore.

A very good manual which feels very masculine in typsetting and style: quite direct and punchy, not too wordy). This may be the perfect USP for your man if he needs inspiration in a direct, fun but to the point manner.

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