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VOYA range


Voya products (est.1912) are made of organic hand harvested wild seaweed, without mineral oils, genetically modified or synthetic fragrances or preservatives.
Produced in Ireland using recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials, both you and the environment will be well taken care of.

Me Time anti-aging moisturiser
Euro 57
As with all moisturisers hydration and soothing of the skin occurs. Voya is not a heavy cream but rich enough to give my usually dry skin, soft and fully hydrated skin even overnight. Lightly fragranced with aloe vera and chamomile, this is a product I'd use regularly simply because of the hydration and promise of anti- aging.

Ritzy Spritzy anti-ageing toner
Euro 26

An ideal way to spray onto the face to cool, soothe and hydrate .I can imaging using this when I'm in my tango clubs or during the summer. I'm not a great user of toners so I've used the much less than the others and the fragrance is slightly like diluted anti-septic so not to my taste.

My Little Hero anti-aging serum 30ml
Euro 55
A rich oil serum filled with anti-oxidants used sparingly before the moisturiser to nourish the skin. The fragrance is of light green herbs or grass, not really to my taste but not at all overpowering. I would recommend this product and will probably use if after this review as I can feel and see the improvement to my wintery dry skin.

Time to Shine - body buff 200ml
Euro 29

This walnut shell body scrub is a great exfoliator, not suitable to use everyday but ideal for slaying the dry skin of the winter. Advertised as being combined with almond oil & ginger extract, I could not smell or detect them at all, it was more an oaty, sandy scent. There was also very little lather (I never expect a lot of lather with a body scrub) though it is advertised as 'lathering body buff' which is slightly untrue in my experience. Nice item, especially for dry areas of feet, elbows and knees but I’d have preferred a better lather as promised.

Softly Does It - body moisturiser 200ml
Euro 30
This is my favourite Voya product because its a really rich, luxuriant body cream that has a fresh citrus scent which I wish they'd used on the body buff. Really, really  good moisturiser with a pump top so over usage is avoided, it has oils like basil, lime, patchoulin, mandarin and lemon but is all incredibly subtle fragrance and really enjoyable to use. Yes I over did it and didn’t use it as sparingly as I should have but when something works so well, it’s worth slathering yourself in it!!  

Maskerade – facial mask 50ml
Euro 38

This was the most unusual product I reviewed from this collection  as, unlike other opaque masks I’ve had, this is a transparent gel so it’s very hard to know how much to put on or how much I did put on. It’s very cooling, ideal for summer or closing pores with a lightly chamomile fragrance. Instructions recommended keeping it on for just 10 minutes but I kept it on for much longer but it didn’t crack or tighten up as other opaque masks do and there were no white marks on clothing and towels. Nice product but strange not having the thick opaqueness I associate with masks so I’m not sure this is for me .  

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