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My Life as an Alien - Edwin Page


Title- My Life as an Alien
Author- Edwin Page
Publisher- Janus Publishing Company
ISBN- 9781857567533
Classification- Young Fiction

James’s unwraps one of his birthday presents to find an alien suit. He’s happy with the present from his parents, in fact he thinks it’s great and it feels kind of natural dressed up as a Cyclopian. But of course he would, he’s really the only remaining alien Cyclopian, the last one of his kind that hasn’t been exterminated by the ugly Sloths.

James soon realises that a cloaked space ship has been hidden in his attic. Guess what? He has to learn to fly it!  I suspect there are a lot out there who would love to fly a space ship, but not only is this space ship armed, but it talks too and her name is Susan. For a moment reading this book It reminded me of the bridge on the Star Ship Enterprise with the female talking computer.

James decides to try and put right what the former Cyclopians accidently did but in the process he has to protect him-self. He knew this wouldn’t be easy, but he was determined to try.

My Life as an Alien is a lovely fictional book with insights into an eight your old boy’s life as he learns his true identity. James adjusts quickly to his new identity and battles the ugly snotty nosed Sloth’s until he manages to save himself and create a whole new world.

All profits from the sales of this book go to the children’s charities NSPCC (UK) and Project Ed Bear (US).

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