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How to Thrive in the Digital Age - Tom Chatfield


Title; How to Thrive in the Digital Age

Author; Tom Chatfield

Publisher ; MacMillan 2012

Small paperback

ISBN 978-1-4472-0231-8



This book is so topical it's unreal: we are ALL slaves to our mobiles, emails tweets etc and this book recognises this, celebrates technology but equally our human quests. Highlighting our inability to moderate our usage of technology (see page 34 where Chatfield warns against us beginning to "turn the miracles into snares" is insight the extreme) this is a refreshingly truthful yet non scathing look at how technology is shaping our habits . . . .whether we like to admit it or not   


This is such a fundamental truth in this book about what I, certainly, recognise in my own digital dependence, those secular, isolating, anti-social and self indulgent digital protocols we've allowed to replace good manners and etiquette.  


This book for me was a revelation, expecting it to be boring and "geekish" I found it to be frank, truthful, and  enlightening which made me less anti-digital and more hopeful that we all can enjoy the digital age without losing our humanity. The reference to the Troy Davis execution in 2012 and the huge outpouring of global unity fighting for his life via all digital mediums was both tragic, in that he was still executed, yet uplifting that we all stood together, I myself was involved via Amnesty International email appeals, so reading this made me feel proud to be part of that particular digital campaign. 


Even the inevitability of "online shopping killing out high street" I had to  think of John Lewis when I read    

" . . while many traditional business models may be doomed, our established notions of excellence, critical insight and creative spark will not so easily fall by the wayside" pg 78  


A really clever, insightful book, with black and white photos (really MacMillan you couldn't have done colour photos?) which was a top read for me. Brilliant  well worth purchasing for all ages



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