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Feed Your Mind

June-Elleni Laine

Feed your mind change your life with June-Elleni Laine in association with o-books

June-Elleni is back from lots of travelling all over the world and is re-launching the O-books show. 

This months show gives us a practical guide to using psychic ability, cutting through the mystery to discover a basic natural ability everyone can use in their everyday lives; with Barbara Ford-Hammond and her book The Psychic Way. We also speak with new author Paul Lenda about the current consciousness shift on the planet, evident by the riots that have been and are occurring worldwide; and how his book The Creation Of A Consciousness Shift offers us ways that we can all have a positive effect on this shift using the simplicity of meditation and the discipline of controlling our own minds.

June-Elleni Laine’s mission is to uplift humanity using multi-dimensional art, she leads business seminars, workshops and retreats worldwide. She featured on CH4, Sky news, GMTV as well as International TV/Media. June-Elleni qualified and tutored at The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain for 10 years and was a Tutor & Sensitive at London’s College of Psychic studies for 9 years, so she has a reputable pedigree in spiritual development. She is the author of “The Art of Being...Psychic” & “Mandala The Art Of Creating Future.” 


Part 1: Barbara Ford-Hammond
Topic: Feed Your Mind Part 1 Barbara Ford-Hammond
Barbara has been running her own hypnotherapy practice and training school for twenty years. She works with an international clientele as a therapist, coach and healer. Her style of writing and teaching ensures that information is delivered in such a way that the skills she shares can be used immediately.

Part 2: Barbara Ford-Hammond
Topic: Feed Your Mind Part 2 Barbara Ford-Hammond
Barbara's desire is to inspire, motivate and share in fun fluff-free way through writing, teaching, nurturing and publishing the best authors. 
Part 3: Paul Lenda
Topic: Feed Your Mind Part 3 Paul Lenda
Paul Lenda is a self-realization coach, writer and musician that wishes to assist others in the processes of self-realization and conscious evolution as well as provide an integral role in the positive social transformation of humanity.

Part 4: Paul Lenda
Topic: Feed Your Mind Part 4 Paul Lenda
Paul has developed an extensive background in the spiritual aspects of life that is both knowledge and experience-based and has spent countless hours studying various belief systems and philosophies in order to develop it.