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Whoever wrote the movie Ghost knew what they were writing about!  I should know it’s my profession.  My name is Lynn and I am a Ribbon and Tarot Card reader.  From a very early age I have known things, known when things are coming; when we were going to have problems. Sometimes I think I know too much but I’m not a fortune teller, I am a medium.  I use ribbons and tarots to read for people and I work for Michelle Knight on PIN 2137. 
Being a medium doesn’t always give you the answers, it just prepares you, it doesn’t allow you to alter a person’s life path or change what is meant to be – even if you know in advance.  I work as a spiritual healer, colour therapist and I’m a qualified teacher of Meditation.  Along with my readings I also run workshops in Ribbon reading, Psychic development and walking the Wiccan Path. 
I love my work – listening to other people’s experiences and embracing all beliefs, exploring different life paths.  Being passionate about what I believe in means I am always searching for more knowledge and information.  I suppose if you believe in what you do as a healer and are passionate about helping others it gives you the confidence to reach out to other people and leads you to want to know more to be better armed and skilled to do more good. I hold dear the Wiccan teachings and do my best to follow a Shamanic path whilst respecting all values and view-points. 
Many years ago as a child I was given the pet name Willow - Twisted was added later by my eldest son who has a very dry sense of humour.   The Willow is said to grow between the worlds , thus marking a passage to the other side and is symbolic of New Journeys - spiritual rather than physical.  For me these talks are taking me on an even greater journey of discovery about the world I love.   So hopefully together on the Twisted Willow show we can journey into many topics and realms of all things spiritual and share the knowledge with an open mind.
Feel free to email me any suggestions or areas you would like to explore on my Twisted Willow Page on Psychic Knight or email
I look forward to hearing from you and our journey of discovery together
Bright Blessings Lynn xx


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